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Mobile Americans: Join today to use our national group buying power and save on medical, dental and prescription drug charges, as well as benefit from huge discounts on lifestyle and leisure services.

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Save on:
  • Doctor Visits
  • Hospital Charges
  • Dental Care
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Vision & Eyeware
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Hearing Aids &Testing
  • Legal/Financial Services
  • 24-Hour Nurse Hotline
  • Travel/Hotel/Rental Car
  • MasterCard Benefits
  • And Many Others!

Low Monthly Rates
Starting at $15.95

Money Saving Benefits
For Your Mobile Lifestyle.

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Why enroll in the Mobile Americans Benefit Program?

  • Savings of 20-50% as a result of our national group buying power!
  • No waiting periods.
  • No limitations on use of the program, regardless of your health condition.
  • No annual or lifetime maximums. No paper work. No claim forms.
  • All persons accepted with no pre-existing conditions limitations.
  • Benefit from one of the laregest provider networks in the United States.

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Mobile Americans benefits are NOT insurance.
You must use a Mobile Americans provider and pay the discounted fee at the time of service.
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